About New Era Global School

Most awaited school in the town

About_NEGSNew Era Global School is a family who dreams a vision, a vision to bring the best of educational practices researched around the world applied in Indian context with Deep rooted Indian Values, all under one roof. NEGS nourishes young wards to build a foundation so culturally rich and intelligent that they can face the world as strong and humble human beings. Our mentors are constantly and willingly striving to change the monotonous educational system and bring in new practical practices that can teach the student to think intensively and critically.

It is rightly said,

Intelligence plus Good Character Is The Goal Of Education.

And we, at New Era Global School are determined to build a generation of finest students who graduate as all-rounder from our campus.

Many years of hard work and discipline has been added to the foundation of NEGS which are distinctly observed in its other associated schools and educational institutions. What makes NEGS so different from all other schools in our district? The best of educated minds and the best of infrastructure are alloyed to form a vibgyor premises. From lush green environment to updated smart classes to associate the teachers for best of both the natural and technical world; from indoor arenas and theatre to outdoor tracks and grounds for cerebral and corporal sharpening of the ward. Sanskrit recitals and cultural events make NEGS stand apart as it promotes imparting knowledge that thrive human values.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!” – Aristotle