Community Matters

We value our links with students’ families, Community and the local organisations that support our work.

The relationship between home and school plays a vital role in the success of our students. Parents and carers are encouraged to get involved in their child’s education, especially in relation to homework. Personal study helps students to develop the research ability, independent thinking and self-motivation required for success in higher education and the workplace.

Clear and frequent communication – including meetings before and after every exam, for competitions and tow term and annual results helps families to understand how their children are progressing.

We also involve families in our school community through parents attending assemblies, taking students sessions, our website and students school planners.

“Healthy society is where every member understands and respects each other”,

Part of our student’s life is devoted for Developing sense of being Responsible Citizen through Donation Drives, celebrations and gifting to Less Advantaged kids, Donating to various charities, social awareness with rallies and dramas throughout the year.

Our students take pride in organising various in school activities like Clean School, Gratitude Week, Interactions with Social Workers and so on…