Mission and Vision

विद्या वितर्को विज्ञानं स्मृतिः तत्परता क्रिया । यस्यैते षड्गुणास्तस्य नासाध्यमतिवर्तते ॥

विद्या, तर्कशक्ति, विज्ञान, स्मृतिशक्ति, तत्परता, और कार्यशीलता, ये छे जिसके पास हैं, उसके लिए कुछ भी असाध्य नहीं ।

Many years ago when technology was an unknown sphere of this world, parents used to send their kids to a school which gave their kids an education that can mould young minds into sharp & intelligent people, a champion and a humanitarian. As years passed by these little intelligent humans grew up and gave the world a new challenge to develop an environment so pure and natural that can inculcate all 9 kinds of intelligence in an age where technology is evolving. We, at New Era Global School have spend decades in researching and implementing successful practices of educating young minds and therefore understand the pace at which a child’s mind thrives. We want to proffer our educator’s skills woven with technology and an infrastructure that can understand, nurture & develop each child studying on the campus into Skilled, Value Oriented, and Independent & Socially Responsible Citizens for better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Understand, Nurture & Develop them into;

“Take Each Child as an Individual;

Skilled, Value Oriented, Independent &

Socially Responsible Citizens for Better Tomorrow”

New Era Global School has envisioned a society where education is no more a facility that families ask for, rather a trait that everyone is growing up along. We have worked in the field of education for 40 years to be able to build an infrastructure where the child can dare to dream, learn to its fullest potentials, achieve excellence and be a lifelong learner.

We wish to provide an environment so lush that the child grows fond of their rich culture, traditions and history, to provide an environment so green and clean that the child learns to love and protect the Earth and value its resources, to provide opportunities so vast that encourages them to develop multiple intelligence whilst appreciating other cultures and views of the world.

Our Vision

“Global Educational Leader Nurturing Individual’s capacity to the fullest”